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Australia's leading alternative to the banks and the premier facilitator of structured financial mortgages. We are focused on providing small and medium enterprises with structured funding strategies and fast settlements. Through our services we ensure that our clients can reach their goals without the complications and time spent with traditional lenders. CEG Direct Securities helps SME applicants that need fast funding strategies for operations, investment or development by unlocking their available equity.

We have a simple and fast application process with rapid access to approved funds. For our Introducers, we offer a compelling product for your clients as well as a dedicated support team to assist with their applications or scenario queries.

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Australia's only fast equity release facility that allows you to draw up or down at your convenience.
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Our Bridging The Gap facility is perfect for those times when your clients have a gap in their business finances.
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Essentially the ‘bridge’ between the Senior Debt and the borrower’s equity. This usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender.
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Our fast equity release luxury loan facility allows you to unlock the equity against your luxury assets within 24 hours
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Our trademarked Fixed Cost Construction facility is the only facility of its kind in Australia
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