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Fixed Cost Construction Funding™

Our fixed cost construction facility has a fixed cost to your clients of circa 15% of the total loan amount required regardless of the loan term.

At CEG Direct Securities projects can start immediately without the cost and delay of requiring presales, QS reports as well as time consuming and expensive valuations.

This allows your clients to potentially achieve higher prices and faster sales due to their purchasers’ ability to see the immediate progress of the development.

CEG Direct Securities can also assist with any commercial property acquisitions, refinancing and fast equity release for business cash flow, renovations and any investment purpose.


No Pre-Sales

Owner Builder

Credit Impaired

No Development History

Non Resident

At CEG Direct we tick all the boxes


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Australia's only fast equity release facility that allows you to draw up or down at your convenience.
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Our Bridging The Gap facility is perfect for those times when your clients have a gap in their business finances.
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Essentially the ‘bridge’ between the Senior Debt and the borrower’s equity. This usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender.
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Our fast equity release luxury loan facility allows you to unlock the equity against your luxury assets within 24 hours
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Our trademarked Fixed Cost Construction facility is the only facility of its kind in Australia
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