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Mezzanine Finance & Construction Completion

Mezzanine Finance is essentially the ‘bridge’ between the Senior Debt and the borrower’s equity and usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender. It can be applied to a wide range of securities ranging from property, equipment and business enterprise values.

Mezzanine Debt is often used by property developers to maximize borrowing capacity against a property development and is also used by property portfolio owners looking to maximize gearing against quality property assets.

The major banks not only welcome Mezzanine Finance but prefer it as it strengthens their equity position and secures Property Development Completion. When it comes to Mezzanine Finance our experience and market knowledge is what makes CEG Direct Securities Australia's Market Leader.

CEG Direct Securities has extensive, proven experience in Mezzanine Finance facilities for your SME corporate borrowers and property developer clients.

Construction Completion 

Most property developers experience a shortage of funds to complete and unknown contingencies can often place them in a volatile position with their current stakeholders and creditors.

Our solutions focus on injection of working capital and/or equity restructure. We recognise that property development does not always perform to expectation and that secured stakeholders can very quickly create a state of distress for directors.

Our construction completion facility centres on the immediate restoration of the commercial relationships with the companies secured stakeholders/builders and inject the capital required with the view to preventing any extreme creditor action.

CEG Direct Securities support team will work closely with you and your clients to quickly implement the most appropriate completion strategy with the view to giving your clients the necessary time and capital to complete the project and move forward on a strong footing.

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Essentially the ‘bridge’ between the Senior Debt and the borrower’s equity. This usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender.
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